Diplomate Requirements

Those intending to take the Board Certified Diplomate Examination in Manual Therapy must have graduated from a school that is licensed by the state department of education, or a similar state body, to provide manual therapy training in the state in which it is located and complete a minimum of 2400 hours of supervised instruction in the following areas:

  • 500 hours of general anatomy, musculo skeletal anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology with a minimum of 125 hours of specific instruction on the joint complex
  • 600 hours of manual therapy and orthopedic assessment, manual therapy theory and corrective and restorative applications.
  • 350 hours of pathology with a concentration in soft-tissue pathology and soft-tissue injuries.
  • 550 hours of related instruction in complimentary and alternative medicine such as clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, psychology of pain, chemistry of the human body, business, etc., with a minimum of 125 hours of specific instruction in medical terminology and professional ethics.
  • 400 hours of supervised manual therapy clinical practicum, internship or additional hands-on instruction in a related field of study.

If you would like information on registering for the AMMA Diplomate Exam, please contact the AMMA directly.

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